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Friday, December 26, 2014

Google Classroom

Why Google Classroom is a Teacher's Best Friend

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As a 4th grade teacher to 24 students, I'm always on the lookout for engaging technology resources that will grab the attention of my students while also making life a little easier for me.With the high demands of Common Core and the new Georgia Milestones Assessment, time savers are extremely valuable to my classroom (there are not enough hours in the day!).I teach in a large inner city school district that values the use of technology in the classroom. As a result, I attend many PLU's which provide never ending  lists of technology resources. At times it can be quite overwhelming to sort through all of these resources. I have tried a few and then one magical day I came upon the holy grail of teacher resources- Google Classroom! 

The Advantages of Google Classroom

  1. Unlimited "Classes"- With Google Classroom I can have a "classroom" for every subject I teach. I have one for Math,ELA,Science,SS, Health, Homeroom, and Morning Work.
  2. Easy to Use- To create a class just click on the + button. After creating a class you can post announcements, posts, assignments, links, and videos.
  3. Automatic Record Keeping- When you create a class, Google Classroom automatically creates a folder titled "classroom". This folder keeps up with all of the assignments your students turn into your classroom.
  4. Posting- You can post links, You Tube Videos,or documents from Google Drive or your computer with one click.
  5. Enrollment- Enrolling in your class is simple. Students just copy the class code generated by the Google Classroom you would like for them to follow.
  6. Turning in Assignments- After completing the assignments you give the students in Classroom, students just click on the "turn in " button and the assignment is saved in your "Classroom" folder on your computer.
  7. Grading- You can give your students a grade and comment inside the documents they submit.To grade an assignment, click the assignment in the Google Classroom Stream. The Student Submissions page is where you will find a list of all of  the students who have completed the assignment. On the right you will see No Grade by each student’s submitted assignment. Click" No Grade", and then change the value (100) to whatever you want. You will do this by clicking on the Points, and then typing in the value you would like.Once you have entered the grade for the student, check the box next to the student’s name, and then click on" Return". A box will then pop up. You can add feedback if you would like. Click "Return", and the student will be notified of the grade received on the assignment.
Google Classroom has been a huge time saver in my classroom. It allows me to post videos and games for my students to watch and play during Morning Work or to use as resources for assignments and homework.It is also a great way to store links for your lessons.Recently while teaching Weather, I just clicked on my Google classroom to find the links for all of my Weather links and resources.
I'm off to add the links for my American revolution Unit to my Google Classroom.....Happy Googling!